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Anonymous said: Asian people's "struggles" are LITERALLY a joke. Like, are you actually kidding me? The majority of stereotypes associated with Asians are positive and they aren't racially profiled to the degree of people of other races. So what the women are objectified?? Women of every face are objectified. Certain races even more than Asians. ??? I don't understand where Asians are soooo oppressed and hated. Please help me understand.


read a history book and take a look at our society today and maybe develop a brain and then get back to me


Daehan and Minguk~


Balloons are so weird… “happy birthday, here’s a plastic sack of my breath”

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요즘 내 모습 | Yoon Do Hyun feat. Tablo & K.will

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  • Rewatching 90s and early 2000s shows because I hate subjecting myself to watching fantasy or high stakes shows with little plot.
  • Which reminds me of how half the class was frustrated while reading A Gesture Life in high school because there was too much thought as opposed to action. I remember Ms. Wilde commenting how all the outspoken people said the book left them wanting less internal struggle and more external struggle.
  • Can’t ever bring up the topic of gender norms or race relations around family because that’s one can of worms I’d rather not open. And I also don’t like being called a “disrespectful and ungrateful child” for trying to suggest that your viewpoints aren’t the only ones the world has.
  • I used to feel jealous about people who could claim they were born and raised in a single city but I grew up to become someone who hated being in the same bubble for too long.
  • "Why don’t you buy a new car?" Uhh, not everyone has $15,000 just laying around like you do.
  • Watching Return of Superman and all the kids make my heart melt.
  • Growing up with a sibling. You: “I’m the shit.” Sibling: “More like you’re a little shit.” I want my future children to have this experience.

2.16 | There’s the Rub

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"…They have a ball machine on their tennis court that is extraordinarily loud."

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“Gi Tae’s the only person I have too. That’s why I needed to work. I thought I would lose him if I only relied on him. I didn’t want to be sad that he only cared this much about me when he was my whole life. I didn’t want to torment him that way. To enjoy his company for a long, long time.”

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  • Woke up with this major craving for a burger.
  • Babiesss. On the real I find them really boring until they’re about 4 months old. But kids age 3-5 are honestly my favorite because that’s the cute age and probably why I enjoy work so much.
  • I said this years ago but when we had to read A Modest Proposal for English in high school I got really hungry. No shame whatsoever.
  • So deep into the GIlmore Girls fandom again. I basically halted kdramas for the past week.
  • I love the concept of bath and body works but tbh I’m indifferent to a lot of scents and anything warm or vanilla makes me want to gag. Including the smell of fresh out of the oven cookies.
  • ASDFGHJKL fuck it