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"I hate people generally, but I like people individually."

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"true beauty is within" for example opening your fridge

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imagine bumping into 2007 you at the mall

Plot twist: I was never allowed outside in 2007.

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Rest in Peace, you wonderful and talented human being.

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Internally sobbing because I couldn’t go to KCON, especially since I liked so many of the artists performing this year but then I remember that I didn’t have the $250 for half-decent seats.


literally everything is now a trigger or cultural appropriation and everything is offensive we might as well just not speak or interact or breathe

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"This is the first time a woman has ever stepped into my bathroom. And talking about my past like this isn’t something that I’m used to doing either. But I feel more comfortable around you now. Because there’s nothing else to hide".

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3 years later (everyone’s hotter)

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Dear Lord please inject me with Beyoncé’s work ethic and motivation amen

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TWIN FORKS - Cross My Mind

Kdramas be using good music in their OSTs. I approve.