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last night :/

last night :/

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Day 24 - Creek Rock 2010

My last Creek Rock as an LCHS student :(

The performances weren’t as awesome as they were last year, but I loved that all our friends were having so much fun.

And I loooooved seeing 2009/2010 alumni. 

I felt the need to turn around tonight. Then I saw you on the bleachers. I smiled to myself, hoping that no one would notice, and returned my attention to the stage. My heart did a little flip in my chest. But that’s the thing. It was just a little flip. Considering I haven’t seen you in half a year, I’d say it’s progress.

Last term, my yearbook teacher suggested that I find a field of interest so I can focus on those topics if I’m going to pursue journalism. At the time, I had no idea what I should do. It’s been about 2 months, and I think I’ve found my calling.

This boundary change issue has solidified my decision to pursue journalism even more. Hell, right now, I’m thinking of specializing in the field of education like my older cousin did.

Hmm. I guess I inherited my mom’s fiery spirit after all. I think I’ll go to the meeting at LC next Tuesday regarding the boundary changes.

I’ve been monitoring the article about EGUSD trying to balance enrollment at Fr, LC, and CO since my TA period this morning. Some of the comments disgust me. The amount of ignorance and prejudice against our school is sickening.

Yes, our school has low test scores. Yes, we have been battling declining enrollment for a while now. What angers me the most is that parents are becoming hysterical about the reasons why they don’t want their children to attend LC. They claim that their children will be in constant danger at our school.

I know that our school has issues, but I’ve never feared for my safety while on (or around) campus. Our school may have students that get into trouble with the law, but so does every other high school in the nation.

LC has provided me with an excellent high school environment. Now that I’m a senior, I realize just how much the school means to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better school in terms of diversity. I lived in San Jose for 7 years and was often in classes where 75 percent of the students were Asian. I didn’t realize until I started high school just how fortunate I was to have moved to Elk Grove. LC represents the diversity in Elk Grove.

I was appalled when I heard that a parent complained that they didn’t want their child to be “the only white kid in the school.” When I heard this during AP Bio, I literally scoffed in disgust. I looked around our classroom and noticed that every person was thinking the same thing: "Are you serious? How could you get more diverse than our school?"

Although the boundary changes have caused tension within the community, I see good coming out of the issue. I love how LC students are rallying together to support our school. Laguna Creek is not just a school; it’s our home - the home of the Cardinals, and we have a right to stand up and protect it.