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Carrot Cake (蘿蔔糕)


Carrot Cake (蘿蔔糕)

USC application: complete.

I only have Pepperdine left, but the deadline for that isn’t until January.

I waved goodbye to $500 this week LMAO


The good that Tumblr has done to me.


Tumblr has taught me to become comfortable in my own skin. My blog exposed the most vulnerable sides of me, and once I was able to do that, I finally accepted who I am as a unique individual. Tumblr helped me find myself and my inner-confidence that’s been hiding all this time. Honestly, if I knew about Tumblr before, I would’ve made one a long time ago. So thank you Tumblr, for helping me discover myself.

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-during AP Bio-

Me: “Calvin, I never knew you were a Slytherin!”

-points at his green and silver tie-

Cristina's Blogg: How to Be Friends with an Introvert


ipsa / paper-girl

1. If you must drag them to a party, please don’t abandon them.

Don’t go rushing off to catch up with your other friends without including the introvert; the inny will die in a corner.

2. If they actually call and want to talk, listen!


Holding back my tears in front of ppl always works for me.


I’m just terrified of how I’ll be when I’m alone.

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Total nostalgia whirlwind on Facebook.

All these childhood cartoons.

I haven’t been able to get the Hamtaro theme song out of my head for 2 days HAHA

I’m just a kid

And despite what Simple Plan says, life is not a nightmare.