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-during AP Bio-

Me: “Calvin, I never knew you were a Slytherin!”

-points at his green and silver tie-

Cristina's Blogg: How to Be Friends with an Introvert


ipsa / paper-girl

1. If you must drag them to a party, please don’t abandon them.

Don’t go rushing off to catch up with your other friends without including the introvert; the inny will die in a corner.

2. If they actually call and want to talk, listen!


Holding back my tears in front of ppl always works for me.


I’m just terrified of how I’ll be when I’m alone.

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Total nostalgia whirlwind on Facebook.

All these childhood cartoons.

I haven’t been able to get the Hamtaro theme song out of my head for 2 days HAHA

I’m just a kid

And despite what Simple Plan says, life is not a nightmare.

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